Forthcoming Exhibition


1st May –8thJune at Pangolin London

13thMay-28th June at Gallery Pangolin, Stroud

“Jon Buck’s work takes inspiration from a wide range of historical and contemporary scientific and anthropological sources. In this important exhibition across both Pangolin Galleries many of his new works explore primary patterns derived from the natural world. They embellish the surfaces of containers, receptacles and arks with the implied need for the preservation of the great diversity that is life.”

Pangolin London

‘In Ferment’

Humans have been inspired by and admired the aesthetic forms of the natural world ever since Neolithic artists scraped the first images on rock faces and cave interiors. Their symbolic and metaphoric depictions continue to delight us and be part of our conceptual toolkit even today. However, in a day-to-day sense we have become more reliant on the use of a much more abstract set of symbols, not least with alphabets of written languages, but more recently with the icon vectors found on computer keyboards and mobile phones which have become globally ubiquitous. In my sculpture ‘In Ferment’ above, the two languages are tumbled together on the surface of this vessel. It is as if one is being asked to imagine a metabolic process of fermentation with our new and ancient cultures both effervescing within its interior.


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