March of Mutability

July 2021

Published to accompany this exhibition at the Museum in the Park in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

‘Jon Buck is unusual among artists as someone who has long searched for a sculptural metaphor for the principles of evolution. Through his art he explores webs of life, the entangled bank, trees of knowledge and descent, the biodiversity of millions of lifeforms, as well as our role and place in nature.’

Rungwe Kingdon

Jon Buck, Coded for Colour Book Cover

Time of our Lives

Jon Buck, Coded for Colour Book Cover
May 2019

The sculptor who has pushed the boundaries and possibilities of colouring bronze, Jon Buck will be exhibiting a new body of work at two locations this spring; Pangolin London and Gallery Pangolin. An ardent advocate of conservation, this exhibition celebrates the beauty of biodiversity with an exciting combination of timeless forms and intricate surface motifs.

Coded for Colour

June 2015

Coded for Colour offers the perfect opportunity to gain an overview of Buck’s exciting adventure with form, surface and colour. In its most distilled sense this can be seen as a detailed naturalism steadily pared down to the brink of abstraction in an attempt to capture what Buck calls ‘the essence of the thing’ and ultimately to delight the viewer and stimulate the senses to maximum effect.


Pangolin London

Jon Buck, Coded for Colour Book Cover

Without Words

Jon Buck, Without Words Book Cover
June 2014

“These latest sculptures are powerful, and often playful and humorous, but above all joyful. ‘Song without words’ as Jon describes them, visual equivalents to poems, they express the resilience of the human spirit, evoking recognition and intense emotion.”

Quote from catalogue.

Turning Inside Out

November 2012

Published to accompany his second solo show at Pangolin London, the catalogue to Turning Inside Out explores Buck’s most spontaneous and bold sculpture to date.

Jon Buck, Turning Inside Out Book Cover

Making a Point: The Point of Making

Jon Buck, Making a Point Book Cover
November 2011

Specially published to accompany the exhibition of the same name, this book traces the evolution of Jon Buck’s sculptural language and philosophy over three decades. In his illuminating introduction, Rungwe Kingdon follows the development of the artist’s work from narrative, painted-resin figures in the 1980’s, to interlocked ‘embraces’ in the nineties and on to today’s brightly-coloured, powerful and symbolic bronzes. The book includes a personal perspective by the artist and illustrates the growth of Buck’s ideas and images through an individual and striking lexicon of shapes.

Behind The Lines

November 2009

Jon Buck’s first major one-man London show offered a collection of bright, bold sculptures that defied an art world saturated in pure concept and championed the process of making. Buck blurs the boundaries between drawing and sculpture, experimenting with our traditional concepts of dimension in a rarely-seen way. His brilliant colours, simplified forms and direct themes, enable the viewer to look ‘behind the lines’ and engage in a world of humanity and nature.

Jon Buck, Behind The Lines Book Cover

Odd Birds & Other Selves

Jon Buck, Odd Birds Book Cover
November 2005

Bursting with energy and colour, Jon Buck’s first one-man show for five years was accompanied by this fully -illustrated catalogue with an introduction by  Professor Colin Rhodes, author of Primitivism and Modern Art and Outsider Art, Spontaneous Alternatives.

Intimate Connections

April 2000

Catalogue out of print

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Jon Buck, Intimate Connections Book Cover